What To Do In Maldives

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Excursions / Showcasing the Maldives

We are offering amazing & enjoyable multitudes of leisure activities to Explore the real beauty of Maldives. This all is to make your holidays more enjoyable and memorable.


Fishing is one of the most famous activities practiced by tourist to multiply the delight of Maldives tour. It’s been a fantastic way to refresh your body and traditionally enjoyed by millions of avid anglers around the world. Likewise, being in the Maldives, explore the new doors colors to enjoy the most exciting fishing activity- Experiment leads to pleasure!

Scuba Diving

The nature has blessed Maldives Water crystal clear appearance, transparent as one can see-through easily. Have you ever experienced diving safely into the deep water? The time has come to feel the marine life very closely, touch the deep embed crystals of water at the bottom and to charm up mood with the cuteness of little colorful fishes. All happens when you join Maldives Scuba Diving challenge!

Resort Day Visit

Either you are exploring the Maldives during the day or at night; it has something special 24/7 for its tourist. Those who are eager to explore and discover fun will definitely find it at every step, either in the form of water swing or a cool breeze touching the skins. But, here is an ideal way to experience the best of a tropical paradise on your Maldives trips without more fuss. We arrange and take you to a resort day visit trip with never ending pleasure.

Big Game Fishing

If you are out at big game fishing, you can expect to catch Tuna, Wahoo, Sail Fish etc while catch whilst can vary according to the season. Holidays Link the Maldives is your trip partner, arranging every necessary thing required to enjoy big game fishing, right from hiring speedboats to modern fishing accessories, assure victory in Big Game Fishing!

Candle Light Dinner

Right after a successful marriage, every couple plans for a perfect honeymoon or anniversary. Why not you surprise your partner with a romantic Candle Light Dinner in Maldives? Yes, it is the best way to express your love for life! Nothing better to hold hands under dim candle light, while the surrounding is filled with soothing light music and romantic breezes kissing your skin. To make sure this really happens, plan out a Maldives trip and leave the rest of matters on us.

Male City Tour

Male is the Capital of Maldives and indeed, a distinctive world having no match in beauty and elegance. With an area of about six square kilometers and a total population of about 150,000 citizens, Male is considered as one of the world's smallest national capitals around the globe. While staying in the Maldives, if you have not visited this beautiful place, then your trip is still incomplete. Holidays Links Maldives never let it happen and we make sure to arrange a successful Male City Tour before you take-off back at your hometown!


Maldives is blessed with clear water – Clear as crystals! While you are making random plans, Holidays Link Maldives team is busy in arranging a totally unique activity, almost unavailable across many states of the world. We find it as an opportunity that you are with our team and thus want to refill every sense with the never-ending lasting experience of Snorkelling!

Photo Flight

Imagine yourself being immersed in a splendid neighboring, wrapped-up in lush greenery and intensely blue-green waters. Yeah, Maldives sightseeing is where imaginations meet fund and fuse to deliver a never-ending experience of thrill and charm. Photo Flight concept is to take up at the sky with private Jet and then, it’s the perfect opportunity to check around the Maldives by every angle.

Whale Submarine

Want to Explore the Maldives magical water life without getting wet? Well, Whale Submarine is the simple way to go! Basically, Maldives consists 99% of water and the Whale Submarine delivers an excellent opportunity to feel the Maldives water life in a totally unique way. The water will depict countless types of fishes

Sand Bank Visiting

Have you ever imagined walking at white sand stretching along the vision of eyes? Do you love taking typical photos of amazing Sandy Island, surrounded by turquoise colored water? Frankly speaking, everyone loves it and can’t refuse it. The footprints on a white sandy beach are evident, not less than an art! Make your dreams true and join the trip to a nearby sandbank to a deep water swim. The Maldives Islands has a lot of stuff to carry out!

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